FINALLY finished my swimsuit coverup! It’s made with Caron Simply Soft yarn in the color Soft Green and I used a 6mm crochet hook. I started out using a pattern for a mesh shirt and then I just sorta went a different way with it. It’s basically a big rectangle with a couple extra rows in the front and back (the length was still to short even though the arms were perfect). Pattern is a basic set of three double crochets separated by a chain three with an increase in each of the four corners. Subsequent rows are done with the double crochets inside the chain three space and they also continue with the increases on the corners. Now I just have to finish my bikini and I’ll be all set!!

Here is the finished set a coworker of mine commissioned. Everything was made using Caron Simply Soft Yarn. The colors include Celestial, Soft Green, and Watermelon. All three items should be up for sale on my etsy shop by the end of the day.

The Ultimate Villain

So, you’re having trouble with the Sephiroth battle in Kingdom Hearts. This is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, he is Square-Enix’s ultimate villain. His very aura seems to exude an evil perfection unlike any other. And let’s not forget that his katana is like eight feet long! This fact alone could make the most skilled of gamers cower in fear. But I digress. First off, how did you find me? It’s not every day that a random person video messages me to ask for video game help. Oh, I see, so Jules sent you. Yeah, I’ve known her basically since birth. Haha, yeah she does that on occasion. Hey, your webcam’s frozen. There we go. Alright, on to why you messaged me, before I tell you how to defeat him, I need some information about where you are in the game. Why you ask? Every nuance matters in this battle; your level, the keyblade you have equipped, even your surroundings outside the game.

Ok, so you’re in your dorm. Does your roommate know that you will be screaming during the battle? Don’t give me that look. Trust me, you will scream at your TV. A lot. Oh, I probably should have asked this earlier, are you playing Kingdom Hearts I or II?  You’re playing II? Alright, well I’m assuming you have gotten Sora to at least level 70. You’re at level 78? That’s even better! Ok, now the first thing to do is make sure you have a higher level keyblade that has the MP Haste or MP Rage ability; your best bet is probably the Ultima Weapon, but the Oblivion would also work. Huh? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE EITHER?! You have to! Have you beaten Xigbar in The World that Never Was? Alright, well you should have gotten the Oblivion sometime right after that battle. It’s a solid black keyblade. Yeah that’s it. You should think about acquiring the Ultima Weapon. It’s pretty much amazing. Look I’ll show you mine. See, isn’t it pretty. Huh? Oh, you have to synthesize it. Um, they should tell you in the Moogle Shop what you need for it. If not, then go look it up on

Alright, now that we have that settled, approach Sephiroth. OH! WAIT! I forgot! First you need to make sure that your item slots are filled with Elixirs, Ethers, and Hi-Potions. Got that done? Next, check your abilities; make sure that you have as many Combo Plusses and Air Combo Plusses equipped as you possibly can. Got all that? Good, now approach Sephiroth. I know it’s going to be hard, but this is something every RPG gamer has to do at one point or another. Huh? You mean to tell me you’ve played all this time without knowing what RPG stands for! That’s sad, considering that’s the type of game you are playing. RPG stands for Role Playing Game. It’s basically any game where you take control of a specific character and fulfill some important mission or something along those lines. Yeah, that’s right. Defeating Organization XIII is the mission in this game, well them and the random Heartless you kill. I always found it hilarious that in The World that Never Was the city below the castle is filled with Heartless, even though that world is supposed to be just Nobodies. So, who’s your favorite Organization member? Axel’s my favorite personally. He’s sooooo freaking hot! Haha! Ah, Saix is cool too. Have you seen Lady Chimera’s comics on the Organization on Deviantart? Aren’t they awesome? ARG! I got distracted. Alright, back to the battle. Come on, walk towards him. Nice and easy, that’s it. You’re doing great! Now push the “X” button to start the pre-battle cut scene.

Now, there are a few things I should mention while this cut scene is playing. Don’t worry; it’s not all that important. Sephiroth is merely ranting to himself. Ok, so, here’s the deal. It takes more than just pressing buttons to defeat Sephiroth. If your movements aren’t fluid or if your timing is off even the slightest degree, he will destroy you. So, don’t think of the controller as merely a way to convey your messages to Sora, but as an extension of your own body.

Alright, the cut scene is almost over. Make sure that your thumb is hovering directly above the triangle button. As I said before, timing is key in this battle. Immediately after the battle starts, push triangle to invoke the Block Reaction Command. If you do not, Sephiroth will knock half your HP off in a single string of attacks, rendering you half dead before the battle even begins. And trust me; you are going to need all the health you can get.

Now you’re screwed. Why didn’t you push the button?! Well, there’s no use thinking about that now. HEY PAY ATTENTION! He’s gonna kill you! LOOK OUT! Well that’s the end of that attempt. Look, watch my webcam. I’ll show you how to do it. Hold on, I gotta get there. Blah blah blah. Hurry up you stupid game! Alright, hey what do you know. I’m already in the right world. So, while I get to the area he’s in, how do you know Jules? Huh? Oh, I call her that because I have a friend named Judy and I kept calling Julie, Judy and Judy, Julie. So I started calling Julie, Jules in order to prevent confusion. Alright, I’m here. Now watch. Oh, by the way. Don’t expect me to talk much to you while I’m in the battle, I have to get inside the game.

AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA! IN YOUR FACE! I BLOCKED YOU! DON’T YOU HIT ME! AUGH!!!–Sephiroth teleports—Where’d he go? HIT HIM!!!!! NO!!!! –Sephiroth says “Sin Heartless Angel.”—HIT HIM!!!!! DAMN!—Sephiroth’s spell goes through, Sora has only one HP left and no MP (Magic Points)—HEAL! HEAL! HEAL! HEAL!!!!! HIT HIM!!!! AUGH!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!—Sephiroth says “Perish now.”—RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!! SORA YOU IDIOT RUN!!!!—Sephiroth says “That’s enough.”—AUGH!!!!!! BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK!!!!!!! HA!—Sephiroth attacks…a lot.—I DIDN’T MEAN IT! I’M SORRY!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!! HIT HIM!!!!!!!! NO! YOU KNOW WHAT SORA! It does no good to attack when he isn’t even IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!—“Sin Heartless Angel.”—HIT HIM!!!!!!!! HA! DIDN’T WORK THAT TIME!!!!!! Don’t hurt me….AUGH!!!!!! YOU MIGHT WANT TO CAST THAT RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!!!!!— Sora casts heal right before Sephiroth casts Meteor Shower, balls of flames fly towards Sora—JUMP! JUMP! FLY! GO! SORA YOU IDIOT THE GROUND ON FIRE DON’T LAND ON IT!!! COME ON!!!! HIT HIM! ALMOST THERE! HIT HIM! HIT HIM! HIT HIM! HIT! HIM!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem…so do you get the point? Alright try it again a few more times and if you still can’t beat him, message me. I gotta go though. Classes call.

My Alter Egos

            What do you think about first when you wake in the morning? For me, it is my alter egos. I have several, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Sora’s unbelievable power allows him to overcome incredible foes but at the same time, he likes to attack thin air instead of the actual enemies. Link’s arsenal of weapons leaves little to be desired—but he likes to fall off ledges and run into walls. Jak…is just awesome, but his laser scope can be quite ornery. If you haven’t guessed by now, my alter egos are the characters I play in my video games. I am an RPGer. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game. In an RPG, the player takes on the role of a certain character and completes a task or journey. RPGs let the player escape from his or her life for a short while and travel to a place of excitement and adventure. When I am playing a game, nothing else matters. The paper I just slaved over for hours on end is forgotten in favor of saving Disney princesses and preventing Hyrule from being sucked into the Twilight realm.

            Kingdom Hearts, for the PlayStation II (PS2) is, by far, my favorite series of games. When the original game first came out, my brother and I immediately bought it. We couldn’t wait to fight the strange creatures called Heartless that had invaded the Disney worlds. The game became an instant favorite. We invoked the three hour rule, which stated that we would alternate playing every three hours until a week later when I beat the game. Kingdom Hearts was the first game created by both Square-Enix (the creators of Final Fantasy) and Disney Interactive. GamePro Magazine said in its review of the game that, “Square has taken 75 years of Disney history, added a few pages from its own library, and created what’s easily the best action/RPG for the PS2.” This couldn’t be truer. Kingdom Hearts is perfect for introducing anyone to the Final Fantasy legacy.

            Kingdom Hearts was one of the first really complex RPGs (besides Pokemon) that I played when I was younger. The gameplay is relatively simple—the player goes to the different worlds and, with the help of Donald and Goofy, fights the Heartless and tries to save the seven princesses of heart by using magic and the keyblade. This game transformed me into an intense gamer. I love the plotline and I even learned about synthesis. In the game, the player has to synthesize various items from across the worlds together to form new items he or she needs to complete the quest. I now own every Kingdom Hearts game that has been released in the United States. And when the newest one comes out in May, I will buy that one as well.  

            The Jak games are among my most prized possessions. Naughty Dog (the creators of Crash Bandicoot) made the Jak games for the PS2 console. The first three games are about the development of the main character, Jak, and his friend Daxter, a boy who falls in Dark Eco (an evil substance that has devastating effects on anyone who comes in contact with it) and is transformed into an ottsel (a combination of an otter and a weasel). I learned my favorite word, commandeer, from this game. The guide for the second game states that if you get tired of walking around the city you can just commandeer yourself a zoomer (which is the game’s version of automobiles). The word intrigued me, so I googled it and couldn’t help but laugh when I discovered that it’s a fancy word for steal. I now use this word all the time.

            Over time, I have come to think of the Jak series, especially the second game, as my anger management system. What I mean is, when I get angry I play these games to calm down. For example, earlier this semester my mom called to tell me about the flowers my grandpa had dedicated at my church in my father’s memory. We were ecstatic because my father’s birthday had actually fallen on a Sunday. But the church claimed to have “forgotten” that they had reserved this spot for my father and had dedicated the flowers to someone else. I was furious. I was so mad that I was shaking and my mom told me to go play Jak II so that I would calm down. So, I went into the port area in the game and shot Krimson Guards (soldiers that are kind of like police) for about an hour, until I forgot what I was mad about in the first place.

            Because I grew up with a Playstation and a PS2 instead of Nintendo consoles (mine broke when I was relatively little) and didn’t get a Wii until last year, my experience with Zelda is rather limited. As of this moment, I have only played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but nevertheless, I am very attached to the main character, Link. My friend Tess is responsible for my newfound addiction. The first time I watched her play the game, I was intrigued with the exquisite graphics and the wide variety of unique weapons. So, after watching her play for a few hours, I went out and bought the game for myself.

            Although the first thing that attracted me to this game was the graphics, what I really love is the complexity of the game. I love trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. I also love the extensive selection of weapons that allow me to annihilate the unique line of villains. My favorite weapons include the ball and chain, the spinner (a giant spinning top that Link rides on top of), and the clawshot (a chain with a set of claws that hook onto objects out of Link’s reach). The evils of college have thus far delayed my victory over this game, but the end is near and I shall defeat the sinister villains that occupy the Twilight realm. And I have no doubt that when I do, I will be buying another Zelda game so that I may return to the splendid country that is Hyrule.

            As you can see, video games–RPGs in particular–take up a big chunk of my life. I own around 100 games for various consoles. Video games allow me to escape the unoriginal society in which I live. I’m known to play for hours on end, and become absorbed in my alter egos. Without these egos, my life would be significantly less interesting. I love RPGs because they allow me to become someone else. The idiots that make up our world do not matter once I have assumed an alter ego. My alter egos, and the various other characters in my video games, surround me with nobler beings. These beings do not judge. They do not segregate. They do not conform. My name is Katlyn Ashe and I’m a gamer. And I’m damn proud of it!

Writing Stuff

So, I’ve decided to add some of the creative essays and such that I’ve written for various college classes to this blog. Be sure to look for them over the next few days.

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So, I realize it’s been a while since I uploaded anything. I apologize. I’m working on a bunch of big projects right now and they’re taking quite a bit of time to finish. 

But here’s a little baby hat a coworker commissioned me for. Matching booties and sweater to follow.

So, I realize it’s been a while since I uploaded anything. I apologize. I’m working on a bunch of big projects right now and they’re taking quite a bit of time to finish.

But here’s a little baby hat a coworker commissioned me for. Matching booties and sweater to follow.

So, we went to the Atlanta Comic Con this weekend, and it was AWESOME!!!!!! I was terrified that since I’m so much larger than Elsa that people wouldn’t appreciate me as much as whos-flying-this-tardis in her awesome Anna cosplay. But we had our picture taken over 100 times. We could barely walk around because we kept getting stopped every few feet. Everyone flocked to us and we heard things like “Look! There go Elsa and Anna!” And the kids were the best. They talked to me like I WAS Elsa! Several of them even told me that they saw me in MY movie! It was so awesome! And the parents would tell us that they HAD to get our pictures because their kids were gonna flip out. And lots of them would look at the other people waiting to get our picture and say “You have to wait three hours to see them at Disney!” I wanted to cry I was so happy! This experience really boosted my confidence! Anyway, I’ll stop ranting now, but anyways it was awesome!

I forgot to upload these. I need to get some better shots of my Elsa cosplay where you can actually see my dress…but for now I thought it was high time I uploaded these.

I decided to make a Frozen throw blanket. Three down…five zillion to go. Pattern for this throw can be found at Made with a variety of yarns.

Elsa inspired choker